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Below are questions most frequently asked by prospective clients. We hope you find these Q&A's helpful. If you have questions that aren't addressed below, please feel free to contact us. If you would like more details about our SEO, PPC or social media management and optimization services, please visit our services page.

What are the main differences between Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Social Media Optimization?

What makes your search engine marketing services different from the competition?

I've seen other companies charging much more for apparently similar services, Why are your packages so affordable?

When can I expect to see results from my website's search engine marketing campaign?

Do you provide a way for me to view and analyze the visitor traffic to my website?

What are the main differences between Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Network Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is geared toward making your website more "keyword focused" and have more link popularity so that search engines better "understand" what your website is about and rank it accordingly. Website listings achieved this way are known as "organic" or "natural" search listings with no "costs per click". Everything we suggest and/or do for your website is in complete accordance with each search engine's guidelines and best practices. We will never do or suggest anything for your website that we wouldn't do to our own!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing utilizes a search engine marketing methodology to ensure the site is placed at the top of major search engine listings when particular keywords are searched. In general, the higher amount you bid per click and the more relevant your landing page and ad listing is deemed, the closer to the top of the search pages your site's ad is placed. PPC campaigns can be very effective, but must be set up, managed and monitored to target the best keywords at the best price-per-click; otherwise these campaigns can be very costly and ineffective. Submission Pro's continuous keyword development and expert, proactive management are critical and necessary in order for the pay-per-click ad listings to operate at their most optimal level. We are expert at Search and Display PPC advertising.

Social Media Network Optimization is all about establishing your business at all the social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+1, LinkedIn, Blogs, Tumblr, FourSquare and other social networking sites are where we establish your social presence. Our continued management engages visitors and builds your fan base, connections and followers. The daily social media interaction we perform is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your market and speak directly to their needs.

What makes your search engine marketing services different from the competition? 
Our people have in-depth experience and a true passion for internet marketing. We've been helping business owners take advantage of Internet marketing since 1999. We take ownership of every project and truly enjoy attaining the results expected by our clients. We are involved daily, at every level of the search engine marketing industry, so we’re current on the ever changing "likes and dislikes" of the search engines and social media outlets.

Our daily research and service development makes us an invaluable asset for your organization. An open line of communication between us is very important which is why all clients receive email and phone support to answer any questions.

The success of your website is very important to you and your business. Our service packages provide current, practical, and cost-effective programs that will attract highly targeted visitors to your website and social sites. For over a decade we have been helping small, medium and large businesses realize the benefits of search engine marketing. When you work with Submission Pro, you can expect a friendly, honest and transparent business relationship with results that will exceed your expectations.

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I've seen other companies charging much more for apparently similar services, why are your services so affordable?
Our search engine marketing and social media offerings allow website owners to pick the right services to fit their unique and exact needs. We don't suggest, nor do we perform, any unnecessary services. You pay for exactly what will help you most. Our approach is based on honesty, transparency and cost effective results. We don't hide charges, we don't suggest what you do not need and we don't charge exorbitant fees.

Our PPC Search Engine Advertising services, SEO and Social Media packages are a terrific value since they are entirely geared toward essential services for exposure, traffic, sales and/or lead generation. Focusing only on the most important components of what is important for your situation allows us to keep our costs low, affordable and effective.

When can I expect to see results from my website's search engine marketing campaign?
When utilizing our PPC Search Engine Advertising services, your site will begin appearing in the search results within one to two days. We make certain your account is set up correctly prior to going live, so you do not waste your marketing budget on a poorly created PPC campaign. We also gauge the success of our services on how well you convert visitors to sales, leads, etc... Your ROI is much more dependent on selling as it is on shear amount of traffic and time it takes to go live.

With our search engine optimization (SEO) services, typically you will begin seeing results within one to four weeks from date of submission. Normally the major search engines take one to four weeks to spider (review) your site and include it in their index. Since rankings, likes and dislikes at search engines change frequently, the very nature of SEO requires that follow up optimizations and ranking analyses is performed regularly. We take care of all the maintenance and optimizations to make your site build its organic search engine presence. If needed we setup website visitor tracking which helps you to analyze and see the results or our services.

Our Social Media setup and management will have you live and active on the social media scene within 2+/- days. The management we provide keeps your social media active and engaging to visitors.

Do you provide a way for me to view and analyze the visitor traffic to my website?
Yes. If you are in need of website statistic tracking, we offer this service with all our packages. We will perform all the set-up and you will have secure login access to your stats shortly upon signing up. Our real time stat tracking allows you to analyze visitor data to help you know and improve the performance of your website. Our user-friendly reporting tracks the behavior of your visitors, the keywords and search engines they're using to find your site, your most popular pages and many other important visitor behaviors and trends. Upon selection of any of our packages, you will have the option of adding tracking to your order.

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