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Since 1999 we've been creating, managing and developing high performing PPC search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns that truly outperform the competition. Our Google certified, PPC industry veterans will setup, manage and continuously develop your campaigns. You will be dealing only with professionals who not only manage your campaign but will personally provide you support and answers to any questions.

PPC SEM Rates Start at $300/month. Let's discuss how we can help!

As a valued client, you can expect results. You can also count on complete honesty, transparency and fair prices. Our monthly SEM campaign management costs are amazingly affordable when compared to just about all other top-tier PPC search engine marketing providers. Our goal is to make staying with us a no-brainer by delivering a real return on your SEM investment.

We take care of all the details including setup, daily management, and continued strategic revisions of search and display PPC campaigns. We find what is best for your specific situation then implement it at the absolute highest level.

Our PPC Search Engine Marketing services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  No Click Markups. Complete Cost Transparency - Clients stay with us and confidently recommend our PPC services because they know doing business with Submission Pro is always an honest and professional experience. Our clients know exactly how every dollar is being spent. We charge only a reasonable monthly management fee and never markup or hide any costs.

  Competitor & Landscape Analysis - We perform a thorough review of competing businesses, websites, and related PPC marketing campaigns. We analyze historical data of your existing PPC campaigns (if applicable) and comparable campaigns to find unique opportunities.

  Industry Leading PPC Campaign Setup - We establish your SEM campaign with targeted keywords derived from our industry leading keyword research as well as input from you. We match each keyword type with compelling ads and when applicable specific landing pages.

  Ongoing Keyword Research & Development - We leverage your initial input, the latest keyword technology and our years of search engine and pay per click experience to comprise and continue to build a keyword list that immediately creates a competitive advantage and establishes a solid PPC campaign foundation.

  Unique & Compelling Ad Development - We create compelling and impacting ads that attract quality clicks while discouraging non qualified clicks. We continually test new ads and every ad is written specifically for the type of keyword that will trigger the ad so that we can speak more effectively to that searcher.

  Daily SEM Campaign Management - Continuous campaign management ensures you get the most bang from your Internet marketing budget. This is where our decade+ of experience and internal testing really pays dividends for you.

  ReMarketing & ReTargeting PPC Campaigns - When visitors click to your website and eventually leave, we can later serve specific ads to them via remarketing ads. There are other variations of remarketing and we will apply what will be best for your particular situation.

  Targeted Internet Banner Campaigns - We create unique, compelling and dynamic banner ads in all sizes that are served on only the most viable Internet and/or search engine properties. We scour the web for those websites that attract significant traffic levels consisting of your target market.

  Landing Page Development & Optimization - We make sure that the connection between keyword searched, ad and landing page is complete and finely optimized to increase the likelihood of making that visitor perform the call to action. We make simple edits or build completely new landing pages depending on the client's need and SEM strategy being employed.

  Detailed Cost & Activity Reporting - Each week clients receive detailed campaign cost and activity reporting. We also make sure you have total access and fully understand how best to use Google Analytics. This keeps you completely informed as to where budget is being spent and the details of your PPC activity.

  Existing PPC Campaign Tune-ups & Overhauls - If your current PPC campaigns aren't providing you the ROI you need and expect, let us breath new life into your SEM campaign. Our experts will take a deep dive into your campaign(s) and make certain performance is improved.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) and social media services can work in sync with PPC and SEM. If you have any questions and would like to discuss how we can help, please fill the form below or feel free to call us at at 949-716-4641.









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