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Submission Pro search engine optimization (SEO) services are completely customized for your particular situation and geared toward cost-effectively driving targeted visitors to your website by increasing your organic (non-pay-per-click) search engine exposure.

SEO Rates Start at $499/month. Let's discuss how we can help!

You can be confident your SEO is in good hands. Our team is highly experienced in search engine optimization with over thirteen years of SEO experience. We have helped thousands of businesses take full advantage of Google, Bing, Yahoo and all other viable Internet destinations to realize profitable returns from their Internet marketing investment.

Our SEO services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  Competitive Landscape Analysis - We perform in-depth analysis of your competitors, comparable products and current websites competing in your market. The fruits of competitive landscape analysis are finding SEO opportunities to exploit and actions to avoid.

  Website Review & SWOT Analysis - Our SEO analysts will review your entire website to discern areas of opportunity and possible hindrances in achieving solid results. Strengths of the site will be made stronger, weaknesses will be corrected, opportunities will be exploited and possible problems will be addressed.

  In-depth Keyword Research - We find the absolute best keywords to target for your business. In addition to each client's input regarding keywords they believe their prospects search, we perform industry leading keyword research leveraging the latest technology.

  On-Page SEO Attributes Addressed - Your website's content and overall structure play a big roll in achieving targeted search engine rankings. We make sure all components on your site that the search engines consider important are optimized properly.

  Off-Page Attributes Addressed - All search engines consider the "off-page" attribute of link popularity when determining rankings. The greater your link popularity the better. Building link popularity through directories, comparable websites and social media are where we focus our off-page link building efforts.

  Google Places & Maps Optimization - A properly setup and optimized Google Places/Map page can be critical for businesses. Not only can the Google Places page bring significant traffic, it can also help build credibility for your business, increase the effectiveness of search engine optimization and help your overall organic SEO campaign.

  Analytics Program Setup & Consultation - To better understand the behavior of your visitors, how they arrived at your site and how they interact once there, we will setup Google analytics if it's not already installed. We can provide your team with complete training to ensure everyone is getting the most from this program.

  Social, Blog & SEO Integration - Google+1, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks are becoming more and more intertwined and impacting on search engine rankings. Based on your specific situation, we will make sure the most important steps you need to take to leverage the power of social media are uncovered and fixed.

  Keyword Ranking Progress Reports - We run keyword ranking reports at least once per month to show the progress of your rankings. These reports are fully analyzed to ensure appropriate proactive actions are taken to continue the consistent forward momentum that our SEO clients enjoy.


All Applicable XML Sitemaps - There are two types of sitemaps suggested for SEO. One is primarily for your visitors but has SEO implications as well... that would be a sitemap located on an actual page of your website. There are also various XML Sitemaps that are used by search engines to help them better understand which pages, videos or news articles at your site you want indexed as well as any new pages, videos or news articles added to the site.

  Webmaster Account Management - We setup and use Google and Bing webmaster tools to make sure we are getting the most information from the search engines as it relates to important ranking, spidering and site performance activity.

  Website Structure & HTML Analysis - If your website isn't sound behind the scenes it can be a real uphill battle to achieve solid rankings. We analyze the website structure and HTML of your entire site to head off any possible behind the scenes issues.

  Directory & Search Engine Submission - We manually submit your website and business to a variety established targeted directories. Our submissions are performed in complete accordance with the best practice submission guidelines. We only submit and/or resubmit your site if it is clearly in the best interest of your websites rankings.


Our social network media marketing and PPC search engine marketing services can certainly work in sync with SEO. Please fee free to contact us to find out how our search marketing solutions can give you the competitive advantage your business needs. We look forward to hearing from you!


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