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Why are our customers sending us praise? The following are actual comments by our valued customers, updated October, 2013. We would be happy to hear from you too!

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Marketing and Social Media setup and management services deliver remarkable results! Click here to view a list of keywords for which our clients have achieved top rankings and targeted traffic.

Since utilizing your search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising services, our internet sales continue to increase every month. Our sales trends are definitely heading in the right direction and we have you to thank for that. Keep up the great work! I highly recommend your services.
Nathan Edwards, CEO - Advanage Diversified Products, Inc.

Your services gave me exposure on all of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, plus others. You do what you say you are going to do and my investment in your services has been very worthwhile and profitable for my business. We have a good business relationship.
Roger Wurdeman, President - Wurdeman & Co.

I knew nothing of the science behind search engine rankings, but I didn't need to. Submission-Pro was able to provide changes to make to my site so that search engines would find it more easily. Couple that with what they did for me in rankings and I found myself at the top of Google, BING and Yahoo.
Stuart Allen, Select Increments

I just unveiled my new website and needed action fast. Within a month, had my site listed on the first page of Google for all the right keywords in my industry. Their experts also taught my staff many tactics to continually help my site in the engines. I highly recommend Submission Pro services.
Alex, Owner, Dust Bandit

Thanks to your services, we sold 9 fence charger units last week! I am very happy with your work. You provide a great service and support to match.
Karl Skinner, Owner - Fence Master


"The personal service you provided was way beyond our expectations... You should mention on your site that you offer such great interaction!"  Mike R.

"Regarding your SEO Plans: I think these are an incredible value. The reports are super-thorough. The advice is surprisingly easy to follow. Very reassuring to have such a great product."  Lin S.

"I want to thank you for a quick response and great detailed information. I appreciate the way you do business and will certainly pass along compliments to others... Thanks again!"  Rick R.

"Your company representatives displayed an element of efficiency and professionalism that goes far beyond the many other companies that we have tried to work with. As a gesture of goodwill I have decided to promote your services on my site!"  Jesse T.

"Thank you for the reports and the work you've done so far. You've already done 200% more than the last optimization service that I used. You also cost half of the price they did. Wish I found you a year ago! Looking forward to this next year with you."  Dianne M.

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for your services and advice. By taking the advice that you sent us when we first started with our on-online business, we have maintained first page presence on selected search phrases. This has been a great asset to our business and its rapid growth. In a business that's seasonal in our area it has allowed us to generate revenue from other states that are not affected by changing seasons."  Robert R.

"Thanks for your help. As boasted your customer service rocks! I'm happy to say I've done searches on Lycos, MSN, Google and the other biggie and we're on the 1st or 2nd pages! sometimes even #1 or 2!!! Quite happy."  Jill T.

"Very Excellent Service! You are an excellent resource and I want you to know how much I appreciate this service. Once again, I'm STOKED on your unique and extremely valuable service."  Dave T.

"Excellent suggestions! We incorporated the tags you recommended into our index page. We appreciate your professional and detailed opinion on the sites content. I will recommend your services to my other clients in the future."  Will F. and Michael A.

"I just wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciate all of the help that you have given me so that I could be listed on major search engines within two days or so. Thanks for your explanations and support."  Bobbie B.

"Excellent. We're already on altavista, and quite high up, depending upon the key word you use. Very nice. I'm impressed."  Larry P.

"Although I already knew the basics of search engine optimization, your report offers some fine points that I believe will really help. Much appreciated."  Patricia R.

"Thanks for all the good information... thanks for providing such clear explanations."  Tiffany L.

"Thank you so much for the in-depth replies. I have heard all along these bits and pieces of info and now they mean something. You're my hero."   Caroline M.

"I'm still not sure how the heck you do it, but I'm glad you can! We come up on the first page on google when I search for my most important keywords. Thanks for doing whatever it is you do to make that happen. Talk to you soon!."  Stuart A.

"Thanks so much for the update. (Submission-pro really does a great job as promised!) Keep up the good work."  Joe B.

"Thanks again for your help and this valuable analysis; it was extremely helpful. Thank you!"  Michele H.

"Submission-Pro took my web site and we ended up as #2 on Yahoo, #2 on MSN and high on other engines in less than a week - service way beyond a "web site submission" company! You responded with excellent advice and answered all questions with professional courtesy."  Abel P.

"Thanks! It looks like Msn is already picking up the changes. Very cool. You have a great service there. I will use you guys in the future."  Bart O.

"We are SO happy with what you have done. We are getting so much more traffic on our site, and it is coming up so much higher in the search engines."  Katie C.

"Thanks for the guidance. I am very glad I have some people with the know how to help me. I really do appreciate the help."  Joel R.

"Thanks, I appreciate your work very much. Very truly yours,"  Jacques B.

"Thank you! Your making me feel all warm and fuzzy with the support I get from you. I Don't mind paying you guys a bit more than the others I tried. Thanks again for your continued support and professionalism. I will recommend you to anyone who might need promotion."  Harvey S.

"I really appreciate the help, the quick response, and the knowledgeable replies! Have a great day!"  Mary S.

"I am most impressed with your work ethic and response time. Wow!"  Kellan W.

"I am looking forward to working with you again. Your company is by far the very best "bang for my advertising dollar"."  John W.

"I have been checking my sites listings with MSN and they are everywhere. Thank you sooooooooooo much! I'm soooooooooooo excited! Thank you for all your help."  Nancy M.

"Thank you for taking care of the web site so quickly. Your service is absolutely excellent. I will be putting a link on our site to yours. I feel secure in knowing that I am not listing some bogus web site company. Thanks for your help."  Rick R.

"Thanks so much! Again you have gone beyond the call of duty."  Tosca L.

"As usual, your advice was EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you so much for your time investment in responding to my questions!"  Sarah V.

"Results were quite positive last year due to your efforts. Today, you have me number one on AOl, Google, Lycos, and Alta Vista! You are good at your job."  Roger W.

"I used your services and it took my site to the top three when using my important keywords. Thank you very much."  Ana M.

"Thank you for the extensive information sent pertinent to your submission of my site to the various search engines. As a 'beginner' with a web -based business, I am very much impressed with the volume of detail that came with your email... It seems I made a good choice in contacting your company. I thank you for the work done to date."  Jay R.

"Tim - great advice, thank you! Thanks for helping me! I will now have you optimize all our sites."  Carolyn H.

"Just wanted to let you know that my Yahoo results are awesome! I rank number one in several good search strings. Thank you guys very much!"  Neal Z.

"Thank you for providing this information. I appreciate your help and great customer service."  Denise D.

"I used to look at my log files and just see myself going to my site. Now I see 200."  Russ C.

"Thanks a million! I really appreciate it. I will do what you say. You're an ACE."  Bob B.

"Excellent! Thank you very much for your information. It seems to me that your company is the right one that I was looking for. I am satisfied with your services. Best regards..."  Eun Y.

"Brian - You're a 1st class guy. Thank You for your time and skills."  Robert S.

"You guys are fantastic. Thank you so much!!!!!!!"  John S.

"Very very impressive information!!!"  Rod M.

"Thanks! You are awesome!!!"  Jean J.

"Brian I was really impressed with your service last month and I would like to use it again since I have a new web site. Thank you. "  James H.

"I really appreciate your telephone help! Thanks & best regards."  Steve M.

"Delighted to see that I'm number 8 on MSNs Hit List this morning! Well done!"  Cynthia P.

"My thanks to you ... we just renewed our one year package. We look forward to working with you for another successful year!"  Trish M.

"The results of your submission services are making all of us here very happy!"  Bruce R.

"Wow - you are doing a great job, thanks!"  Patti U.

"Thanks for the detailed explanations. That helps a great deal. How my site could get top rankings was rather confusing to me, but you have cleared it up. I appreciate your efforts in promoting our site."  Sean C.

"You're doing great and the adjustments you made are working fine. Keep up the good work. You are the Man! Regards,"  Kevin B.

"Thank you for your help - I did add the new site tags that you recommended. I appreciate the thorough job that you have done!"  Lisa P.

"Thank you for your great input. I can't tell you how happy I am to have selected your company."  Lorena L.

"Thank you so much for your attentive and comprehensive work."  Matt R.

"I have included a link on our website! I also added a statement that tells of my satisfaction with your company."  Corey T.

"Tim, thank you again for all your help! We are very impressed with so far, and look forward to recommending you again to future customers."  Karin S.

"Thanx for your prompt attention."  Hugh J.

"Thanks for all you've done... I certainly do appreciate your effort and am thankful that you will be sure that all goes well. Talk to you soon. Thanks!"  Tina R. .

"Thank you, Tim. I'm so glad that your service is available for novices like me."  Maria T.

"Yahoo came through and we are #1 on the matches. Thank you for your help!"  Jennifer M.

"Thanks for going in and working on my website. It made a huge difference in the hits we get at our site."  Judie R.

"Thank you for your efficient work and recommendations! I also learned from you more than I already knew! Hope to continually promote my site and other sites from you later! Thanks again!"  George H.

"You do a great job and I will remember you in the future if the need arises!"  Rhandi D.

"I appreciate the prompt response and attention to our website. We are in the process of making the recommended changes to the title and meta tags. Thanks and I give you guys a “thumbs up” for your efforts."  Robert C.

"Hi, Thank you for your great work. The reports are very detailed."  Harley P.

"Thanks for the explanations...Now it all make sense. :-)"  Larry S.

Thank you so much. You have a great company and working with you is super. I think you go above and beyond. Thanks again.Donna G.

"I searched Google and your service works! I am very happy, thank you very much."  Jennifer A.

"Thanks Submission-Pro. That web site review and keyword research was a huge help! - Thank you."  Carol H.

"Thank you for you prompt attention! The results are great as was the information and service."  Courtney P.

"Thank you so much for getting us listed. I really appreciate you guys and also appreciate your feedback."  Clay P.

"I am impressed with your services. Thank you so much."  Tracy B.

"Thank U for your professional expertise!"  Roy J.

"Thanks very much for your help. I will continue to recommended your services and appreciate the work you have done for us."  Cynthia K.

"Your services have helped us to increase our rankings and best of all, this has resulted in much more business!"  Brandt M.

"You Rule! Thanks! I plan on using you for many more."  Matthew M.

"Great work...can't wait to do more business with you."  Barry R.

"Thanks for the report. It's professionally done. I am very pleased wuth the effort thus far."  Roy G.

"I just want to say Thank you, it is hard to find someone who will work through confusing, sometimes aggravating times when communication is through a computer screen, Thanks again."  Troy K.

"Tim, I greatly appreciate you time and help."  Ken B.

"Thanks so much. You've been great."  Mary E.

"I really appreciate all you've done.....excellent work!"  Barry L.

"Your service is really helping me understand how search engines work. Thank you very much, You give great advise and are helping me greatly."  Michael N.

"Thank you for the great support and optimization process."  Irda B.

"Upon signing up for your services, my hit count continues to increase! Thanks for the indepth information."  Jon W.

"Our hit counter went up tremendously!"  Karl S.

"You have been a genius for placement. That is why I continue to use you services year to year. Thanks."  Ana M.

"YOU ARE GOOD!!!"  Jeanne W.

"The targeted keywords you helped us to focus the site on, is resulting in more than a sale a day. Thanks!"  Shelli L.

"I told my friend that he should contact you guys if he is interested in optimizing his site... you're very on-top of things and responsive. Thanks!"  Marty S.

"Thanks... Your service is working perfectly. Thanks again!"  Mark S.

"Thank you for your services. We appreciate your assistance! Your professionalism throughout this year has been appreciated."  Leah D.

"I really appreciate your great service! Thank you for your quick responses with all of my questions."  Neil L.







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